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Receive up to $2M in funding
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Juice Funds Refresh

Get money today for your existing YouTube content library
Avoid being locked into a 5+ year deal. Juice gives you 3, 6 or 9 month funding options to invest in yourself and your future.
Get an estimated offer now! Plus you’ll get invited to exclusive Juice events.
Creators use their Refresh Funds for one-time, smaller expenses
  • Equipment
  • Creator conferences
  • Software
Yearly deals

Juice Funds Reserve

Receive up to $2M in funding + exclusive access to our team
1, 2 or 3 year funding options give you flexibility to grow your creator business. Plus you’ll receive special Reserve benefits including access to a dedicated Juice team member.
Creators use their Reserve Funds for ongoing, larger expenses
  • Hire a team
  • Rent a workspace
  • Start a merch line
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Here's what Juice creators have to say
“With our Creative Juice Funds we further built our creator business and increased our content quality. We also joined for the connections. Now we have a community of creators that are in the same trenches as us.”
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“After Juice Funds, we have reached 500,000 subscribers and have more than doubled our audience.”
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“Creative Juice took us from YouTuber to Content Creator to Business Owner. It's a different energy being a Juice creator. We can now create more content, hire a team of editors and invest in camera and studio equipment. Our views have gone up by 3x!”
Maynards TV
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With Juice Funds we advance funds to grow your business so you can live off of your passion, inspire your fans and build a community. Juice unlocks creative potential to help creators, like you, succeed.
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The details
Creative Juice generates revenue-share funding offers.
In return, we receive an agreed upon percent of self-publishable platform revenues – and you commit to upkeep your content.
Creative Juice auto-debits monthly percentage
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