Earn $10,000 when you invite fellow creators

It pays to know creators.

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How it works

Open a Juice business banking account. Tell your creator friends. When your friend signs-up and spends money with their Juice business banking account, you'll both get money in your accounts. Win, win!

1 successful referral
$25 each
10 successful referrals
$1,000 each
100 successful referrals
$10,000 each
Terms & Conditions Apply

Details to know

How do I get started?
First, sign-up for a Creative Juice business banking account. Once you sign up, fund your account and make a transaction, you’ll receive a unique referral link to share with your friends to earn money.

How much can I earn?
You can earn up to $10,000 for 100 successful referrals. In order to earn your first $25, your friends must sign-up for a Juice business banking account and complete at least one transaction. Once your friend completes a transaction, you both will receive $25 in your Juice accounts within 30 days.

I received a referral link – now what?
Click! Then sign-up for a Juice business banking account, fund your account and spend on any of your creator business needs. You will then receive $25 in your account within 30 days.

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