Juice Boosts: A faster way to get the money you’ve earned

We’re in constant talks with creators about the challenges of running a business. So we know how frustrating—not to mention downright problematic—it can be to see ads running successfully alongside your YouTube content while having to wait net 30 days for payment. 

That’s why we’ve launched Juice Boosts, a simple, straightforward way to get an advance on your monthly YouTube AdSense payments up to 30 days early, with no hidden costs or interest and no impact on your credit score.

The power of liquidity

According to YouTube, nearly 400,000 people in the US are working full time on its platform in a money-making capacity. But for many creators, advertising payment cycles can be highly irregular, with ebbs and flows that are less than ideal from a business standpoint. Indeed, establishing financial predictability and steady cash flow represents a foundational building block for future growth. 

Liquidity early in the month, for example, can make it easier to contract out time-consuming services such as editing, freeing up space in your schedule to create new content. These extra videos can, in turn, bring in additional ad revenue—and continued growth exponentially. 

Stable cash flow patterns are also being used more and more as an indicator of credit worthiness in conjunction with or in place of traditional credit bureau data. In fact, interagency guidance was released last year specifically highlighting bank account data and new technologies as a way for lenders to bring in consumers and reduce underwriting costs—a promising step forward for creators trying to build or establish credit.

Picking up the pace on payments

To use Juice Boosts, simply connect your YouTube and AdSense accounts to your Juice Money checking account. Then, select Creative Juice for your primary pay distribution (see our “how to” video below). Based on our advanced analytics, Juice Boost calculates your eligibility for the service and the subsequent amount of your advance receivable, which can be accessed at the start of every month. Once confirmed, the “Boost” is deposited directly into your Creative Juice account, minus a small 5% fee (or maximum of $50). To make things easy, the fee is deducted immediately—meaning there’s never anything to pay back.

Currently in beta, Juice Boosts are available to all Creative Juice users as yet another tool to help your business grow! Best of all, we’re offering it fee-free through the end of the year. Try it, and as always, let us know what you think.

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