Our first Juice Funds investments

Investing in creators is a key part of our shared vision to grow the creator economy. Thousands of amazing creators applied for Juice Funds, which we launched in partnership with @MrBeast.

Today, we’re excited to unveil our first investments:

Creators are the future of small businesses in America, and we’re excited to support them on the Creative Juice platform. 

Here’s more on the Juice Funds crew:

Nik Shaw | Re:Anime

When we first met Nik, we were struck by his lifelong passion for anime and how he has turned that into a sustainable business. Nik has cultivated a strong following in the anime community and continues to experiment beyond live action anime films into new genres, like reaction videos. Nik will use the investment to build new channels, expand his audience, and explore new revenue streams. Our investment in Nik is all about passion — and we are excited to be able to support his mission as he takes the next steps to bringing his love of anime to more and more people.

Betty Van and Jake Harrington | Switch and Click

The best part of the creator economy is that there are new and emerging genres every day. Betty and Jake have created a one-of-a-kind YouTube brand about keyboards and technology. Not only were we impressed with their ability to grow their audience 1000%+ in the past year, but also with their commitment to pursuing their dream. They quit their day jobs and they became full-time YouTubers one year ago after realizing they could build a sustainable business on their channel. They impressed us with their solid revenue performance and their strong understanding of how to grow their audience with analytics. Our investment will help Betty and Jake build out their team as well as grow on new platforms.

Colin Chee | Never Too Small

Sometimes a special team comes together to pursue a vision to build something unique that is all about helping the world explore and dream. Colin and the team at Never Too Small have created an incredible brand dedicated to exploring small footprint design and living, featuring award-winning designers and their tiny / micro apartments, studios, and self-contained projects. We were struck by their commitment to making high quality content that delights their sizable audience. We are thrilled to partner with them and excited to see what they achieve. Aside from building their team, Never Too Small plans to invest in merch and expand to additional platforms. We can't wait for the world to get to know Never Too Small.

Caleb Phelps | Oompaville and SourBoys Sour candy

Caleb is the definition of a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur. He has multiple successful YouTube channels, strong engagement on social media platforms, and a burgeoning candy line called Sour Boys Candy. With his raw humor and unique approach, he uses his channel to give his take on pop culture and current events. When he told us he needed funds to purchase a candy machine to improve his margins, we got excited by the possibilities. Creative Juice is about growing the creator economy--and this is an opportunity we couldn't pass up. We are excited to support Caleb's many business initiatives.

The cultural and financial impact of creators is indisputable. But too many creators are forced to rely on organic growth or friends and family for investments. They lack the support, financing, and financial tools available to other businesses. Creative Juice’s entire platform is designed to make it easier for creators to realize their full potential, and Juice Funds represents a core part of that vision. In addition to capital, Juice Funds provides resources such as business banking and experts to help them optimize their content through partners. 

There has been strong demand from creators and prospective co-investors alike, and Juice Funds will continue to invest in creators. Start your application through the Creative Juice website at getjuice.com, and finish by signing into the app.

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