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What is Creative Juice?
When was Creative Juice founded?
Why do I need a business banking account?
Do you charge overdraft fees?
Should I pick sole proprietorship or LLC?
Can I start an account as a sole proprietorship and then become an LLC?

Connecting social platforms & external bank

What platforms can I link to my Creative Juice account?
My data isn’t showing up correctly for my channels. How do I adjust?
How do I link an external bank to my Creative Juice account?


How do I cash checks?
Is my wire info the same as my DDA info?
What is my digital card?
How do I pay my team with Creative Juice?
How do I use the rewards program?

Turnaround time

How long does it take to receive my Creative Juice debit card?
How long does it take to wire money?
What is ACH and P2P turnaround time?


Can I send international wires?
Is Creative Juice accessible for creators outside the United States?


What is my withdrawal limit?
Can I increase my limit?


How do I receive payment when I send an invoice?
Can I adjust the payment status of the invoice manually?
Can I delete an invoice?
Can I resend an invoice?
How do I send a reminder invoice?


How do I save money on taxes?
How do I know if an expense is a business expense?
Can I deduct fees for Juice Funds?

Juice Funds

What is Juice Funds Refresh and Juice Funds Reserve?
How does Juice choose which creators to fund with Juice Funds Reserve and Juice Funds Refresh?
How do I know if I’m eligible for funding? How do I apply and when should I expect to hear back?
Do I give up creative control by taking an investment from Juice?
Are platforms outside of YouTube considered in a Juice Funds Refresh deal?
How are Juice deals different?
As a creator, how can I use the funds from Juice Funds Refresh or Juice Funds Reserve?
Can I participate in both a Juice Funds Refresh and Juice Funds Reserve deal?
How does Creative Juice determine the dollar amount for Juice Funds Refresh?
What is Creative Juice’s typical revenue share for Juice Funds Reserve?
What if I am an MCN or have an agent or manager? Can I still receive funding?
Are Juice Funds Reserve and Juice Funds Refresh loans?
What happens if I want to pull out of the deal or I can’t keep up with content commitments?
Where can I find out more information about funding?


What is the team's function?