Why Creative Juice,
Why now?
For too long, creators have lacked the support, financing, and financial tools they need to build great businesses. We're changing that with Creative Juice.
In the past year alone, TikTokers sparked a global feta shortage, Charli D’Amelio gave Dunkin’ Donuts a massive sales lift with her signature drink, and MrBeast’s viral burger brand became bigger than Shake Shack in a single day. But despite their impact, traditional financial institutions still have no idea how to value and support creators.

Case in point: The creator economy is set to exceed $30 billion this year, supported by 2 million creators and 2 billion monthly consumers worldwide. And yet, when creators turn to banks for a loan, the phrase “I’m a YouTuber” still elicits confusion and blank stares.

That's where Creative Juice comes in. It finally pays to be creative ;)
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