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With Juice, generating invoices, paying contractors, and balancing the books is easy so you can focus on growing your YouTube channel.
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Why YouTubers choose Juice

Get paid 30 days earlier
Juice tracks your earnings in real-time and advances your earned money up to 30 days earlier than the current AdSense payout schedule.
Centralize all your expenses
View all your business-related transactions in one place, allowing you to get credit for every possible deduction and providing personalized insights to empower your growth.
Direct deposit your earnings
Directly connect your AdSense to your Juice banking account to view the profitability of your channel each month.
Seamless invoicing 
No more waiting on Accounts Payable departments. Easily schedule and send professional invoices to your brand partners.
Short, flexible funding options
Receive 1, 6 or 9 month short-term funding options in exchange for a share of your existing video revenue. Always stay in full control of your content.
Stay up to date on taxes
Bookkeeping designed to save you time and money. Finally a place to balance your books and get your tax questions answered.
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