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Stay ahead of the curve: The future of banking for creators

September 7, 2023

When it comes to your creative journey, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. And guess what? The same applies to your money. As a creator, you're not just a creative – you're a savvy entrepreneur. That's why understanding the future of banking is essential to keep your creator business growing. So, let's dive into the exciting world of innovative banking trends that you should know about.

Digital-first banking: Say goodbye to the branch, say hello to convenience 👋

Remember the days of waiting in line at a bank branch? Well, those days are fading fast. The future is all about digital-first banking, where you can manage your finances with just a few taps on your phone. Creative Juice is at the forefront of this shift, providing you with a seamless digital banking experience that lets you focus on creating, not waiting in lines.

Real-time and personalized financial insights ⏰

Imagine having a personal banker right at your fingertips. Well, with the future of banking, that's becoming a reality. Banking platforms are using AI to provide personalized insights, helping you make informed decisions about your money. Creative Juice's innovative tools give you real-time metrics and insights on your cash flow, so you can make the best financial choices for your unique journey.

Collaborative banking: Connect with a creator community 👥

The future is all about community, and that extends to banking too. Collaborative banking platforms are emerging, bringing creators together to share advice, resources and even collaborations. Creative Juice understands the power of community, and that's where Juice Club comes in. Juice Club is a members-only community that offers creators short-term funding, advanced bookkeeping tools and priority support from a team of industry experts. 

Financial wellness tools 💸

Banks are introducing tools and resources that promote financial literacy and wellness, including budgeting tools, investment calculators and educational content to help creators make informed financial decisions. Creative Juice works with industry experts like Paddy Galloway, Kristen Bousquet and Jon Youshaei to cover a range of topics from decoding the YouTube algorithm to landing high-paying brand partnerships and even learning how to insure your creative.

Membership-based banking services ✅

Some banks are experimenting with membership-based models offering premium features and services for a monthly fee, catering to creators who want personalized solutions. Creative Juice has an option for wherever you’re at in your financial journey. There is a free option for creators that are just getting started and need business banking and expense tracking. Alternatively, there is a membership option, Juice Club, that offers creators and teams funding, advanced business banking tools and access to community. 

As a creator, you're shaping the future – and that includes the future of banking. So, stay ahead of the curve, and let your creator business thrive in this exciting new world.

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