Payment Apps: More Frenemy than Friend

Why you should unfriend PayPal or Venmo and favorite Juice

September 7, 2023

In the fast-paced world of creator businesses, financial management plays a big role in ensuring your growth and success. As a creator, you're not just pursuing your passion; you're also running a business. That's where Creative Juice comes in, offering a dedicated creator banking account tailored to your unique needs. 

Let’s dive into why Creative Juice is the better choice to manage your money vs. payment apps like Venmo and PayPal.

1. Separation is key: Personal vs. business ✂️

Concerned about the potential mix-up of personal and business transactions? Creative Juice alleviates this worry. With a dedicated business banking account, your creative income and expenses are neatly organized, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: creating. Venmo and PayPal may not provide this level of reassurance.

2. Optimized tax efficiency ⌛

Tax time can be a headache, but Creative Juice streamlines this process for you. By keeping all your business transactions in one place, you gain a comprehensive record that simplifies deductions and tax filings. On the other hand, Venmo and PayPal, lacking specialized business features, can leave you digging through personal transactions to find relevant business data costing you hours and losing out on tax savings.

Keep in mind: In 2023, there have been changes in how taxes are applied to transfers over $600 for creator businesses. These changes aim to increase transparency and reporting. Payment platforms such as PayPal are now required to send a 1099-K form to both you and the IRS if your business receives more than $600 in aggregate payments through their platform in a tax year. 

Given the complexities of taxes for creator businesses, it's advisable to consult a tax professional. Need one? Contact

3. Elevated professionalism and trust ✨

Brand collaborations and partnerships require professionalism and trust. Creative Juice's business banking account adds professionalism to your business, showcasing your commitment to your creative work. Enter Creative Juice’s invoicing tool. Using personal payment apps like Venmo and PayPal for your business can appear less professional to brands.

4. Access to automated business tools ⚒️

Creative Juice goes beyond banking - offering automated and personalized tools designed to help you grow. From transaction categorization to personalized funding, Creative Juice provides resources crafted for you, the creator. Venmo and PayPal, though popular, lack the specialized features that can help you effectively manage and grow your creator business.

5. Future growth 🪴

Your creator business is bound to take off. And with Creative Juice, you're setting the stage for scalable growth. Creative Juice is not just focused on the present; we're invested in building a foundation for your future. Venmo and PayPal might not offer the same strategic approach.

6. Transparent fees 🤑

Both Venmo and PayPal charge fees for certain types of transactions. While personal transactions might be fee-free, business transactions often come with fees that can cut into your profits. With Juice, you can sign up for a business banking account for free.

While Venmo and PayPal are convenient for personal transactions, they fall short when it comes to the unique demands of a creator business. Creative Juice's dedicated business banking account offers a one-stop-shop of features that cater specifically to your needs as a creator. From automated tax tools to invoicing and personalized funding, Creative Juice is your partner to grow your creator business. 

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