Who needs a business banking account anyway?

As creators start investing in themselves, one of their first big decisions is how to handle the money coming in for their creator business. In other words, should you use a personal vs business bank account? What are the pros and cons of a creator business bank account, and when should you open one or make the switch?

Some common myths about creator business banking

“I’m a creator — not a business. I just do everything on Venmo”
“I’ll just use my personal bank account for businesses, it makes no difference”
“My talent manager just handles everything.”
“I’m too small for a business bank account — maybe when I grow?”

Here’s the thing: We think every creator has the potential to build an amazing business, and the best financial platform can actually support that growth. 

So what exactly is a business banking account?

Business banking is just what it sounds like: Banking products and services, for a company. This might span everything from business loans, credit, savings accounts, and checking accounts, specifically designed for companies rather than for individuals. The thing is, creator businesses have specific needs and pain points: A way to integrate invoicing and payments in one spot. A better way to stay on top of performance and analytics. Way easier taxes. Rewards when you spend. A way to get paid… when you actually earn your money.

Business banking is like YouTube Studio, but for your business finances all in one place.

Benefits of having business banking vs personal banking?


If you currently or plan to have multiple streams of revenue and expenses across many different sources, then you need to keep that organized! You need a single place where you can track and separate money going in and out in one place. Seeing where growth is coming from is just as important as watching outflows of cash as well. This will help you focus on the income streams that matter and cut expenses that don’t. By being organized, you can also make sure you are getting paid and paying people on time. 

Ideally, you will have a business bank that is focused on how your business operates. At Creative Juice, we are creator first, which means our tools and product are tailored to how you think about your business. For example, with Creative Juice, you can separate your revenue by brand, affiliate, platform revenue -- then track where your growth is coming from.


By having your revenue and expenses all in one place-- and organized--tax season becomes easy. With a business banking account, you can easily get a view on what your earnings were -- and where you can take deductions. If you don’t have this set-up, then you run the risk of missing business deductions, and potentially higher fees charged by your tax preparer for all of the extra time spent doing what is essentially a bookkeeping function.


You want a business banking account that understands you and rewards you for your business.. For example, Creative Juice has built a business account just for creators and rewards them for everyday purchases that they would make anyway. With our Juice Money Card, we offer rewards and partnerships like cash back at your favorite creator stores.

A Banking Relationship

Who knows what the future will hold but as a creator it is important to establish a relationship with a bank that understands you and your business. For creators, that means working with a bank that can offer opportunities to build credit, take out advances against revenue, or obtaining bank financing to purchase equipment or to expand your business.

You may blow up and need to be prepared.

You could be the next MrBeast if that is what you want-- or not -- or you may want to sell your business at some point. In any case, you want to make sure you are keeping good financial records and have the ability to show your performance over time.

Questions? Give us a shout at hi@getjuice.com. Can’t wait to hear from you. 

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