Our partnership with Patreon

This week, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Patreon, one of the OG platforms connecting creators and their fans. Patreon shares an aligned worldview when it comes to growing the creator economy and advocating for creators and their business potential, which made working together a really natural fit. 

Patreon is one of the first platform integrations we built, enabling Creative Juice users to  connect their account to the Dashboard to get at-a-glance analytics info that helps grow their business. 

And, starting today, Creative Juice and Patreon will work together to source and launch artists and creators on patreon.com. Creative Juice will work closely with Patreon to identify creators that will be a good fit for Patreon - and then work with interested creators to successfully launch their Patreon businesses. Additionally, users with Juice Money accounts will be eligible to get access to the Patreon Pro Plus plan. The Patreon Pro Plus plan comes with a variety of exclusive perks, including direct access to a Patreon creator team that will offer hands-on support — all offered at a reduced rate. This reflects our broader goal to meet creators where they are and enhance the business services and tools available to them exactly where they need it. Integrations and partnerships like this bring critical additional context to make it easy for every creator to grow an amazing business. 

If you’re a Patreon member, search for us in the app directory and link your Juice Money account today. 

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